African Masks History and Meaning

In Africa masks can be traced back to well past Paleolithic times. These art objects were, and are still made of various materials, included are leather, metal, fabric and various types of wood.
African masks are considered among the finest creations in the art world and are highly sought after by art collectors. Many of the pieces some replica’s, can be viewed in museums and art galleries in many parts of the world. Masking ceremonies in Africa have great cultural and traditional significance. Latest developments and understanding of Aesthetic principles, religious and ceremonial values, have brought about a greater insight into the ideas and moral values that African artists express in their art.

During celebrations, initiations, crop harvesting, war preparation, peace and trouble times, African masks are worn by a chosen or initiated dancer. It can be worn in three different ways: vertically covering the face: as helmets, encasing the entire head, and as crest, resting upon the head, which was commonly covered by material as part of the disguise. African masks often represent a spirit and it is strongly believed that the spirit of the ancestors possesses the wearer.

Ritual ceremonies generally depict deities, spirits of ancestors, mythological beings, good and or evil, the dead, animal spirits, and other beings believed to have power over humanity. Masks of human ancestors or totem ancestors (beings or animals to which a clan or family traces its ancestry) are often objects of family pride; when they are regarded as the dwelling of the spirit they represent, the masks may be honored with ceremonies and gifts.

During the mask ceremony the dancer goes into deep trance, and during this state of mind he “communicate” with his ancestors. A wise man or translator sometimes accompanies the wearer of the mask during the ritual. The dancer brings forth messages of wisdom from his ancestors. Often the messages are grunted utterances and the translator will accurately decipher the meaning of the message. Rituals and ceremonies are always accompanied with song, dance and music, played with traditional African musical instruments.

For thousands of years, rituals and ceremonies was and to a lesser extent is still an integral part of African life. The gradual, effects of parceled out territories to Colonial governments, and the ensuing damage to traditional economies followed by the displacement of huge quantities of people, by colonialism, resulted in economies and food production systems being wrecked. In general the vast number of people have lost some of its tribal identity and culture, hence masking ceremonies are no longer common place in Africa.







Though the proportions of tribal populations vary between Senegal and The Gambia, the conflict-drawn borders between the two countries are blurred when considering the ethnic heritage shared largely within the peoples of these two West African nations.

Tribal ceremony in Gambia

Dominating the urban areas and trade routs, Wolof has become the unofficial lingua franca or most common non-Western language spoken in Senegal and The Gambia. Non-Wolof people often learn Wolof as a first or second language from a young age, as it is a unifying language used by taxi drivers, shop owners and even office workers. Because of the Wolof people’s geographic position near the coast when colonizers arrived, the Wolof of today are commonly thought of as the business and entreprenuial tribe. Wolof masks are most commonly made from wood rather than metal or ivory.

Father and child in Senegal

Perhaps the most common Jola is Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh, who touts himself as a farmer and man of the people. Though an extraordinary ethnic minority in both Senegal and The Gambia, the rich cultural history of the Jola (also called Diola) people remains strong due to several modern initiatives to preserve traditions through celebrations and tourism. Jola masks often feature wide, smile-like open mouths and can be adorned with many embellishments such as rings in the ears.


Though an ethnic minority in Northern Senegal, Mandinkas make up a significant percentage of The Gambia’s and Guinea’s population. Most associated with an aggressive disposition, some Mandinka sculptures depict warriors. Others, such as weekday masks, include horns or protrusions for linking with ancestors, and are often found in sets of seven to represent an entire week. Some Mandinka masks are carved with goatee-like beards in the chin as well.


Sometimes called Pular for their language, the Fulani people of West Africa are often revered for their historically gentle treatment of animals. Many Fula tribal masks are crowned with animals such as elephants, and some will show clean-shaven chins indicative of its people. Traditionally, including up to present day, the Fulani tribes are well-known musicians. Fula instruments include shakers, calabash drums, and wooden clackers. The Toucouleur ethnic group is also an agricultural people comprised within the group of Fulani tribes.

Women working on various crafts in Senegal

Comprising nearly 15 percent of Senegal’s population, the Serer are the third largest ethnic group in the country. Senegal’s first president, Leopold Senghor, belonged to the Serer tribe. Many Serer people now learn Wolof as their first language, which has become more common than Serer-Sine. The Serer people are also related to the Mandinkas as well as the Wolof people of West Africa. A a result, many Serer arts and crafts, including masks and sculptures, are becoming increasingly similar to those of their relative tribes. Some traditions, such as traditional wrestling, are still preserved through cultural festivals, sculptures and figurines.

10 Reasons to Use Bitters (hint: it all starts with digestive health)

Posted by Kayla Grossmann
Sweet, sour, salty, umami and bitter. These are the 5 major flavors that the 5,000 taste buds speckling your tongue and throat have been primed to identify. Each with unique gastronomic qualities and health indications, traditional cultures believed in the fundamental importance of consuming a rich balance of all these flavors. However today, with the overwhelming load of sugar-encrusted, salt-sprinkled and MSG-doused foods filling our plates, bitterness has essentially vanished from the modern palate. This unfortunate disappearance has done more than simply change the tang and smack-factor of our foods. In fact, the general lack of bitter flavor in the diet may very well be contributing widespread problems with digestion and appetite control.

Bitter: A Mysterious Flavor

Bitter is an intriguing flavor. The very most sensitive of all tastes, bitterness has an excitable quality that some people would describe as disagreeable and harsh. The very word “bitter” has even become linguistically associated with expressions of anger, resentment, pain and reactivity. Yet complex bitter flavor does far more than cause lips to pucker and heads to shake. Known for stimulating the senses and engaging the digestive system, foods possessing a bitter quality have long been valued for a unique ability to cleanse the body and build vitality.

Many cultures revered bitter foods as an essential part of a regular healthy diet. Large numbers of of the diverse roots, barks, flowers and herbs of the wild plant kingdom are bursting with complex bitter flavor. When consumed, such plants naturally stimulate the production of saliva, gastric juices and bile to balance the appetite and prime digestion. Yet while bitter botanicals were consumed readily by our foraging ancestors, such richly flavored plant foods have been unfortunately lost to the endless aisles of sweetened and salted snacks filling grocery stores today.

10 Reasons to Use Bitters

Including bitter foods in the diet isn’t simply a matter of reviving tradition or taste. Bitter flavored foods also have a rich history in the healing arts. From the wine infused herbal concoctions used by Ancient Egyptians to the 16th century prescriptions of famous physician Paracelsus and beyond, elixirs brewed from carefully selected bitter herbs have been treasured as cure-all remedies across the ages. Studies have confirmed that getting an adequate amount bitter flavor is important for digestive balance and linked with many related health benefits. Eating bitters regularly has been shown to:

1. Curb sugar cravings

2. Soothe gas and bloating

3. Relieve occasional heartburn

4. Encourage digestive enzymes, bile & HCL production

5. Calm upset stomach and nausea

6. Increase absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K

7. Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels

8. Balance appetite

9. Ease constipation and regulate bowel movements

10. Support liver function and healthy skin

How to use Black Seed Oil for Weight Loss

Some of you might find black seed oil a little difficult to swallow so we created a black seed oil weight loss recipe.

Mix a teaspoon of black seed oil and a bit (1-2 teaspoons) of honey.
Mix a teaspoon of black seed oil, teaspoon of honey and cinnamon, and a cup of water (use room temperature water for a better mix).
Due to its effects on inflammatory diseases, black seed oil fights not only the effects of obesity but also helps people in the fight to lose weight and achieve optimal health. Black seed oil weight loss reviews have helped many find a solution to a common problem.






Black Seed Oil for weight loss

With the spread of knowledge and useful information we hope that black seed oil can become a staple supplement for everyone.

How is black seed oil and weigh loss tied together? Black seed oil and weight loss is interlinked from its curing and preventative properties which target your body’s immune system, making it a supplement for many uses and purposes.

There are numerous studies supporting Nigella Sativa (Black seeds) and weight loss . When picking a weight loss plan always consult with your physician and take all the proper steps to fulfill those plans including research on what can help.





Black Seed Oil for weight loss

We suggest you research the amazing qualities of this miracle black seed on your own and see what it has to offer, as this article is only scratching the surface. Black seed oil benefits weight loss unlike any other supplement.

If you’ve been struggling shedding those extra few inches around the waistline, we suggest its time you consider trying it.

Neroli Skin Care Benefits

Posted by Maia
Isn’t it amazing how nature delivers multiple benefits — beyond expectations? For example, oranges are great for eating, and its juice for drinking; it’s an excellent source of vitamin C. But the fruit of the orange tree is not the only beneficial part of it. The flowers of this citrus tree also offer a world of good, especially in the realm of natural skin care.
Neroli essential oil, botanical name Citrus aurantium, is the highly fragrant, steam distilled oil of orange blossoms whose rejuvenating aroma has become indispensable to aromatherapy and perfumery. It’s wonderfully floral, exotic, citrusy and earthy. Therapeutically, neroli is credited in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, and decrease high blood pressure.

But neroli goes far beyond smelling nice and improving overall wellbeing. Neroli also has many skin care benefits. When combined with cleansers, lotions, creams, and various skincare products, neroli delivers even more. Here are a few neroli essential oil skin care benefits you may find interesting.

Neroli essential oil is antibacterial.
The citrusy essential oil has antimicrobial properties. Neroli is effective for improving the appearance of acne-prone skin and improving the appearance of other skin irritations. When you mix a few drops of neroli in with your or toner, face mask or moisturizer it can help to make pores look smaller, cleaner and unclogged. Neroli also balances oil on your skin which can improve the appearance your overall complexion.

Neroli can improve the appearance of stretch marks.
Whether it’s due to weight loss or recent birth, you may see stretch marks on your skin. Neroli oil not only fights the appearance of stretch marks but also reduces the look of broken capillaries.

Neroli helps your skin look younger.
Aside from the anti-microbial properties, neroli also has anti-aging effects. It can soften the appearance of wrinkles and scars. A few drops may also improve the appearance of skin elasticity making your skin look younger, smoother and firmer. Neroli essential oil is truly a must-have for your anti-aging skin care regimen.

Gator Balm

Tired of dry, itchy and irritated skin? Gator balm can soften and soothe even the roughest most problem-prone skin. This corrective cream is rich in natural ingredients like oatmeal, avocado oil, and African shea butter that work to deeply replenish and build up your skin with healing nutrients and moisture. This balm is also enriched with potent herbs like comfrey root, goldenseal and agrimony. These herbs are rich in vitamins and minerals and are known to help relieve pain, and heal wounds and scarring because of their ability to enhance cell growth. These herbs are also naturally antibacterial.

The colloidal oatmeal in this balm helps to relieve itching and heal rashes. Gator balm works quickly to give you the soothing refreshment you need! Soothes and softens dry, flaky, chaffed skin. Excellent for cracked heels and split fingers, rough elbows and knees, chapped lips and skin patches. It can be applied to genitals to reduce itching. It is also a natural treatment for insect bites, sunburn, peeling and rashes. A wonderful natural way to treat diaper rash.

Shelf life up to 18 months after opening


Shea Butter, Superfood for your Skin

Shea Tree NutsShea butter is one of Nature’s wonders, but it is a special one. It has been used for millennia by many generations of African people for skin care, baby care, healing and food. The Shea tree is considered sacred because of the bounty of goodness it can do for your skin, hair, beauty and health. Discover the secret of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti’s legendary beauty and find out what makes Shea butter so powerful to renew, repair and protect the skin against aging and harsh climate.

What is Shea Butter?
Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree (Butyrospermum parkii), which grows in the Savannah of Western Africa. The English name Shea comes from its Bambara name “sii”, which means sacred. As a sacred tree, it is treated with particular respect.. Growing up to 60 feet tall, the Shea tree does not flower before it is 20 years old and can live up to 200 years. The Shea nuts are traditionally harvested by women, crushed and boiled to extract the Shea butter, which has its unconditional aficionados all over the world. In the hot Sahara or Savannah, Shea butter protects the skin from the sun and dehydration. For millennia, people have used it to protect their skin from the drying winds and sun as well as to heal many skin problems, minor cuts and burns. The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, who was magnificently beautiful, was said to owe her legendary beauty to the use of Shea butter. Nature Purity carries the highest and purest quality of Shea butter, which is available in many different products.
Find the one you need and would like on our Shea butter page.
Skin and Hair Natural Ultra-Care
Shea Butter

What makes Shea butter an extraordinary skin care and an amazing body healer is its richness in precious constituents, which include unsaturated fats with a large proportion of “unsaponifiables” components, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E and D, provitamin A and allantoin. All these are natural and make Shea butter a super food for your skin (and hair), but that is not all it can do for you because it is:
Wrinkles, fine lines and scars repairing
Deeply moisturizing
Stimulating for the superficial microcirculation
Skin strengthening
Skin protecting
UV protecting
Skin regenerating
Collagen production stimulating (makes the skin stronger, more supple and younger)
Minor cuts and burns healing
Muscle ache healing
Physical endurance enhancer
The Many Uses of Shea Butter for Beauty and Health
Skin Super food and Healer

Shea Butter
Shea butter is one of the best moisturizing, anti-aging regenerating and protecting natural product in the World! It protects your skin from UV sunlight, harsh climate, dehydration and pollution damages. Let’s say in short that it is one of the best anti-aging agents for you skin. It strengthens your skin by stimulating the production of collagen, which is the youthful scaffolding protein in your skin. It makes it more supple, more alive, nourished and radiant. If you have wrinkles, fine lines and crow feet or if your skin is dry, very dry, damaged or devitalized, Shea butter will make all of these problems vanish and bring your skin back into life and beauty. It is the most moisturizing skin care product in the world, so choose Shea butter over over powerful anti-aging skin care products like Wild Musk Rose oil, or Argan oil during the cold and sunny seasons.

Shea butter
Shea butter is also one of the best skin care for winter and after-sun care. It provides the extra moisture, vitamins, nutrients and protection your skin needs during the cold season and summertime. It is also the perfect lip balm to protect your lips from the cold and dry weather and keep them beautiful.
Since Shea butter is all natural and so rich and moisturizing, it is ideal for baby care. It is natural, gentle and soft for every type of skin, but it is specially adapted for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies. It is perfect for after bath skin care and as a healer in case of eczema or diaper rash for babies and kids. African women have used it for millennia to protect and nourish their babies’ skin. Using pure Shea butter on your baby guarantees you of a totally natural and chemical-free skin care. Given that lots of baby care products contain toxic chemicals, Shea butter is the best ally for eco-conscious moms.
Hair Revitalization
Thanks to its deeply moisturizing qualities, Shea butter is the best Shea
Butter Hairrevitalization cure for your hair. Dry, dull, falling, lumpy or damaged, your hair will always benefit from a Shea butter mask. Either the pure Shea butter mask or the Shea butter conditioner will give vitality, suppleness and shine back to your hair. The Shea butter cure is good anytime, but especially during summertime or in the tropics because of the stress your hair has to sustain from the sun and ocean, lake or rive water. Prolong the cure after you come back from vacation.
Recipe: use a nut size of Shea butter and apply evenly on your hair. Wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave on for 20-30 min. Shampoo as usual and apply either the Shea butter conditioner or pure Shea butter depending on the dryness and damage of your hair.

The Body Healer
Given its high content in anti-inflammatory and healing components, Shea butter helps the healing of skin disorders and problems like:
insect bites
poisonous plants contact dermatitis
skin cracks
minor cuts
Moreover Shea butter is deeply soothing and calming on any irritation and inflammation. Because it helps the healing of the skin, it can take care of heel and skin cracks in record time. But it does even more…
Shea butter is very beneficial for sportive men and women, as it prepares the muscles before the workout and helps them to recover faster after. It also helps to reduce muscle aches as it stimulates the elimination of toxins from the muscles.
Different Types of Shea Butter, Different Qualities
Not all Shea butters are made equal when it comes to quality and efficiency. They come in different types depending on how they have been extracted from the nuts: refined or unrefined. You want to make sure that you get the unrefined organic Shea butter, here is why…

Refined Shea Butter
Refined Shea butter has been extracted with chemical process (with hexane mostly), which involves bleaching, deodorizing and overheating. All of these deeply altering chemical processes yield a white odorless Shea butter that has lost all of its deep moisturizing, anti-aging, protecting and healing properties. By the way, this is the type of Shea butter that goes into chocolate making. Do you taste the hexane in your chocolate bar?
Unrefined Shea butter
The raw Shea butter in its natural state has been extracted manually or mechanically. It has a mild nutty-smoky scent and a golden to light ivory color. The odor can be removed thanks to a mild steam treatment that doesn’t degrade any constituent. The raw or deodorized Shea butter is what you want to use because it has retained all its precious skin moisturizing, anti-aging and healing properties.


What is the difference between Clear Castor Oil and Black Castor Oil?

If you’re a naturalista, you’ve probably heard about a growing trend towards using “Jamaican Black Castor Oil?’ If you have you’ve probably wondered what makes it different from the normal castor oil you can find, is it worth the difference in price and what gives it its characteristic dark color?

I was curious, too. So I did some research. Stick with me. I’ll answer all of those questions for you.

First you should know that when it comes to oils in general, the less processed the better. When we first heard about Jamaican Black Castor Oil, the first thought we had was that it was probably lightly processed and possibly unfiltered. That’s not correct.

When you’re looking for a nice olive oil, you want the olive oil that is “cold pressed”. Using pressure to release the oil rather than heat leaves the oil in a more natural state. The yellowish castor oil you see is generally cold pressed (the higher quality oil anyway. “Regular” castor oil is generally pale yellow to clear in color.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is exactly the opposite. The beans are roasted to produce a dark color. The color is actually ash. The beans are ground and boiled to extract the oil. Sunny, Isle JBCO says:

“Our Organic seeds are roasted and ground by a manual Grinder and then the crushed beans are boiled to extract the 100% pure, dark brown, organic oil. It’s the best quality oil on the market. Why you may ask? Compared to other brands it is the darkest Jamaican Black Castor Oil because we roast our beans longer which produces more Ash Content in our oil than any other oil on the market. More ash content increases the effectiveness of the oil.“

Now, does ash somehow increase the effectiveness of castor oil when it comes to hair growth? Or does the oil itself undergo some sort of transformation when the seeds are being roasted or boiled? We certainly don’t know. It would certainly go against conventional wisdom which says to keep the oil is as natural a state as possible. There are many women who swear by this product and tons of testimonials about the amazing results people have seen from its use.

Jamaican Black Castor is not more pure or less refined than regular castor oil. In fact, just the opposite is true, the beans are subjected to an intense amount of heat, which introduces ash and may alter the composition of the oil itself. The claim is that the ash is beneficial to your scalp. You were curious, now you know and can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to give this a try.

Check out our selection of Jamaican Black Castor Oil at we carry a variety of Jamaican Black Castor Oil products.

Castor Oil For Eyelashes Growth – How Effective Is It?

Who doesn’t dream of having long, thick and dark eyelashes? It is widely assumed that the stature of lashes makes your eyes look gorgeous. But not everybody is fortunate to have them. For those who missed out of having such beautiful eyelashes, there are many natural remedies capable of letting you achieve it.
For instance, Castor oil is found to be effective in growing and thickening eyelashes.
It is also capable of preventing them from breaking and can also trigger the growth of eyelashes at places where they are not present in abundance.
These days people are ready to spend any amount of money on cosmetic products for achieving beautiful thick eyelashes. Among them, one of the most widely accepted method is using Mascaras, they are adored by most of the women since they are capable of providing beauty on eyes in quick time. But these artificial methods won’t work for prolonged periods. So the bottom line is that if you want to achieve attractive eyelashes, look around yourself and choose an effective natural alternative rather than spending a lot of money on artificial products.

Now since you have a brief idea about castor oil, let us see what are the nutrients present in it which makes them effective enough in growing eyelashes.
Nutrient Rich Castor Oil
Castor oil is comprised of vitamin E, minerals, proteins and antibacterial properties. Apart from that they are also rich in triglyceride variant of fatty acids. It is these properties that makes castor oil an effective healing agent. They have a wide range of health benefits.
Enhancing the growth of eyelashes is just one among them.
Impact of Castor Oil on Eyelashes

Castor oil is packed with nutrients, hence they are extensively used for the treatment of problems caused largely due to the lack of nutrition. It is a well known anti-inflammatory product with effective mechanisms. The fact that they can naturally moisturize and rehydrate the area where it is applied makes it easy for the eyelashes to grow quickly. They are also capable of penetrating deep into the skin and work from the inside out.
Best time to apply Castor oil on Eyelashes
It is good to apply castor oil on to the baseline of your eyelashes. So while applying you should make sure that you are not over using it. It is always recommended to use some tools which can aid you on this purpose. The best solution for this will be to use an Eyeliner Brush.
The best time to apply castor oil is at night, preferably couple of hours before bed time. While it is perfectly fine to use them during day time, there is a big advantage in applying them at night as this allows more time to saturate and start the process which aids in growing eyelashes. Care must be taken so as to avoid them from getting in contact with the eyes and in case it happens, you must wash your eyes immediately as this may cause extreme irritations.
Did you know? The longest eyelash on record was 2.75 inches long. A guy holds this record!
You can start of your morning by removing castor oil from eyelashes. For this purpose, you can either use a makeup remover or water. But make sure you don’t rub or pull on your lashes to avoid losing eyelashes.
It is important to give enough time for the oil to enhance the condition of your eyelashes. Sometimes it might take several weeks to show the results. But it is important to use them routinely to maintain the look and health of eyelashes.
Now that we are aware of the best time for applying the oil on eyelashes, let us see how to apply them to your lashes in 6 simple steps!
6 Steps to Apply Castor Oil on Eyelashes
Follow these below mentioned steps to effectively make use of castor oils to promote the growth of eyelashes.
 Clean your face with water and remove any traces of makeup, especially from eyes.
 Make sure to use cold pressed castor oil because they tend to be pure and the natural kind.
 Take an eyeliner brush and slowly dip it into the castor oil, make sure the brush doesn’t carry oil in excess amount.
 Now with the help of that brush, apply the oil carefully on your lashes.
 It is better to apply them at night before you sleep. Leave it on for the entire night for best results.
 At morning, with the help of a makeup remover you can remove the oil from eyelashes.
Depending on the individual needs and preferences, you can make changes in the above mentioned steps. It might take some time to show off the results, so it is better to use castor oil on eyelashes in a routine basis.
How Castor Oil Prevent the Loss of Eyelashes ?
As we grow up our eyelashes will start to fall off or break up by themselves. This is due to the weakening of skin tissues around the eyes. Gradually your skin will become sloppy and follicles of eyelashes won’t stick well in it, in such cases even the slightest of touch to the eyelashes can lead to the loss of hair. To a large extend we can prevent this phenomenon by using a combination of castor oil with other oils. Hair follicles will easily absorb castor oil and thereby helping it to penetrate deep into the internal structure of the tissue.
The best possible combination will be to mix up a few drops of grape seed oil and almond oil. This mixture can be applied gently on your eyelashes and made to wait for about 1 hour and after that you can wash them off. It will be better if you could do this routinely for at least couple of weeks.

The mask made up of castor oil and vitamin E can also be used for this purpose. This is best when done before going to bed as this will allow them to penetrate well into the skin. You can wash them off at morning. Following this procedure for 2-3 weeks will surely bring in good positive results.
Beauty Secrets of Castor Oil
While considering the properties of oils that counts for improving the beauty of skin, castor oil has always been found to beat its competitors fair and square. They are rich in ricinoleic acid which provides the antibacterial properties.
Castor oil can be a good beauty product if applied topically, in fact they can do wonders in beauty treatments. You could always look out for the natural version of the oil as branded products is almost devoid of properties that counts for its health benefits. Below mentioned are some of the beauty benefits of castor oil.
1) Facial Cleanser : Castor oil is found to be a good facial cleanser, especially along with other carrier oils they can leave your face fresh and glowing at the same time. They can also act as a good makeup remover, if used along with water. The results are almost five times better than other chemical facial cleanser products. So if you have not yet tried castor oil facial cleansing, you should give it a try!
2) Thickening of Eyebrows : Applying castor oil in optimum amount will do wonders in growing your eyebrows. The best thing about this is that you don’t even have to spend any time applying them on your eyebrows! Just a mere touch of them in your eyebrows before you sleep is more than enough to thicken them.
3) Hair Growth : Very recently people realized the ability of castor oil in promoting the growth of hair. In fact it is found that they work well in combination with coconut oil. The best time to apply this mix is at least 1-2 hours before you sleep. Kindly massage them onto your scalp and wait for it to penetrate deep. Make sure you don’t over use it. You can wash them off the next morning. It is found so effective in regrowing lost hair and also in improving the quality of hair.
4) Growing Eyelashes : Castor oil is something that is so rich in nutrients and deeply concentrated, hence even a small amount of oil can do wonders on your lashes. Some people gets skeptical when it comes to using castor oil so close to their eyes, as they can lead to extreme irritations if it comes in contact with eyes. So it is always better to use a mascara brush to apply the oil on eyelashes.
Side Effects of Castor Oil
There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that using castor oil will leave you with stronger and thicker eyelashes which won’t break easily. In fact they can make the lashes to grow long and thick in quick time. The amount of people who have enjoyed these rich benefits may outnumber the amount of people, who had succumbed to the side effects caused by over usage of castor oil.
It is assumed that at moderate dosage, castor oil works fine without any side effects. But still it is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women to take castor oil orally as this may lead to inflammatory intestinal diseases or abdominal pain.

When it comes to using them along with eyebrows or eyelashes, care must be taken as to not let them get in contact with the eyes. As any such contact may lead to extreme irritation of eyes causing redness or intense pain.
How To Choose The Best Castor Oil ?
The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in your mind is that the purchased oil is the correct type of castor oil. You should check the label and the stickers in to see whether it is 100% cold pressed or cold processed as these are the primary symbols of a pure and natural product.
3 Popular Castor Oils, According to Reviews and Rating :
 Cammile Q 100% Pure Organic Castor Oil, Cold Pressed
 Molivera Organics 100% Pure Castor Oil, Cold Pressed, 16-Ounce
 NOW Solutions Castor Oil, Multi Purpose, 100% Pure, 16-Ounce
The best thing will be to check out a local health food store or an online store to find out the castor oil of your choice.
Achieving beautiful eyelashes with the help of castor oil is easy, but you need to use them on a routine basis in order to get the best results. The use of castor oil for improving the thickness of eyelashes is one of the oldest home remedy. This is great as you only need to apply them at night while you sleep. So what are you waiting for? Go to bed with a bit of castor oil touched up on to your eyelashes and let them prepare to grow as you rest!!

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Black Castor Oil Benefits – Top 7

Let’s look through the top benefits black castor oil has to offer.

1. Hair Care

Black castor oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for good hair. Black castor oil moisturizes the hair, treats the dry scalp and promotes hair growth. The healing qualities of black castor oil enhance blood circulation. Black castor oil can also be used to prevent hair fall and eliminate dandruff. Its emollient property helps soften the hair. Check out the many cool ways to use black castor oil for skin and hair!

2. Skin Care

Black castor oil is the organic, unprocessed version of castor oil. It provides many benefits to the skin. The omega-3 fatty acids help clear skin and tighten the pores. There are many other benefits of black castor oil for skin. It helps clear acne, boils, ring worms and even stubborn ol’ warts. Black castor oil is used to heal athlete’s foot, to treat moles, warts and to treat eczema; it also helps heal wounds and cuts.

3. Skin Cleanser

Black castor oil contains Vitamin E, which helps clear blemishes. It also helps remove impurities from pores, and prevent inflammation and blackheads. It is an effective skin cleanser.

4. Skin Moisturizer

Black castor oil helps hydrate the skin and retain moisture. It is a great source of fatty acids, which help trap moisture and its emollient properties give you a radiant glow. It provides the skin with many vitamins and fatty acids that make it look supple.

5. Anti-Microbial

Jamaican black castor oil has many anti-microbial properties. Its antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties make it a great source to treat acne, fungal diseases, dermatitis, and eczema. It has been used to treat sebaceous cysts, skin rashes, dry and inflamed skin among many other ailments. The anti-microbial properties of black castor oil make it a great solution to the common skin problems (1).

6. Healing Powers

The presence of ash in black castor oil along with other fatty acids like ricinoleic and undecylenic acids gives it the many healing properties. Its earliest documented use was as a laxative. Today, there are many medicinal uses of black castor oil. Ricinoleic is a natural anti-inflammatory remedy. Black castor oil thus has many healing properties (2).

7. Analgesic

Black castor oil acts as an effective painkiller. Although clear castor oil does the same thing and is equally effective, black castor oil seems to do the job faster. It helps provide relief from painful conditions like rheumatism and arthritis. However, you can use it to soothe back pains, muscle pains, and even headaches. Massage the affected area for 10 minutes and feel the pain subside (3).


Unfortunately, a small number of scientific studies on black castor oil and its benefits cannot determine its appropriate use. Thus, most of these benefits are claimed by people who use the oil regularly. Scientists are still yet to determine the perfect use of black castor oil, but the home remedies continue their affair with black castor oil.


Conduct a basic allergy test before you jump on the remedy wagon. Leave a few drops of black castor oil on your arm overnight. If you experience itching or suffer from a rash or redness, then black castor oil does not suit your skin.